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Sue and Luca

"Arrivederci Roma"

On Wednesday 23rd of March members of the Tredegar Business Community Tredegar Town Council and friends met in "Refresh Coffee Shop" to celebrate the 58 years of commitment and dedication of Luca De Roma.
Luca established his hairdressing business on High Street Tredegar in 1958. Over the years he has delivered a quality service to the population of Tredegar during a time which has seen major changes in the Tredegar business environment .
He will be missed by all and especially his regular customers.
The shop has been sold and a new enterprise will begin, which hopefully, will contribute as much to Tredegar life as Luca De Roma.

Luca Di Roma

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Established in 2008 – the Tredegar Business Forum is here to support all businesses in Tredegar, including sole traders, partnerships and limited companies.
TBF will work with you and your business to help you become more successful and we hope you will work with us to form a community for businesses in Tredegar for consultation, information, education and joint working.
We want Tredegar to continue as a vibrant town with a unique history and we want businesses to flourish to provide employment for the long term sustainability of our community.
With the new industry coming to the area, Tredegar has an excellent opportunity to attract new business and create more jobs.

Your Future and Technology

It is important for every business to engage with technology and use it to grow a loyal customer base.
TBF are keen to help your business to exploit new technologies like responsive websites for mobile devices, modern ecommerce methods and cloud applications.
Everyone in our community needs to know about our local businesses and to let them know whats on offer.
An important part of this is having a website and a social media presence to build bridges to new customers.
Over 95% of people with internet connections check out a business on a Search Engine to find out whats on offer.
More than a third use mobile devices like smartphones and tablets to view business websites.

Our Vision

The key aims of business forums are:
• to allow business to network and make valuable new contacts with other businesses and support organisations

• to meet new customers and suppliers

• to share experience and suppliers

• to keep informed of new initiatives and developments.

• to address issues that are affecting business development and make representation to address these issues

• to identify training gaps and initiate methods of addressing these needs.

All the above aim to enable businesses based in Tredegar to reach their full potential.

News and Views

A Breath of Fresh Mountain Air

The Mountain Air Inn recently became the latest local business to become a member of the Tredegar Business Forum, Smart Money Credit Union and the Tredegar Community Loyalty Card Scheme.

Stacy Irish (Landlady) believes that local enterprises working together to develop the local economy is the way forward and that the Community/Tredegar Loyalty Card will give customers an even bigger reason to shop locally all year round.

The Mountain Air will be offering its staff the credit union service to help them to save money regularly to lessen financial pressure.
All the staff liked the idea of it being there when they need it.

" We are pleased that so many of our employees wanted to join and would encourage any other employer to encourage their staff to join, it is simple to join and set up."

Contact Stacy on 01495 723116 or mail stephen.irish@btinternet.com

Low Cost Responsive Website

It is now a well known fact that over 80% of the buying public, do their initial product and retailer research on the internet.

If you do not have an effective internet presence you do not exist for 80% of your market.

Getting a domain name registered to your business, finding a reliable supplier to put your website together and making sure you having secure hosting and backup are all potential pitfalls for the inexperienced.

In order to take away these problems TBF has been in discussion with a local supplier who can offer entry level web-site development for £400 and hosting cost of £12/mth.

Contact Us to Find out More
Email : enquiries@tredegarbusiness.co.uk

The Cloud

Its not about this ... its about getting rid of this..

And changing to this..


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